College of Humanities
Teaching and Learning Office

About us...

The Teaching and Learning Unit is under the portfolio of the College Dean of Teaching and Learning. It has been created as a result of College reorganization to address the challenges of student under-performance and low throughput. In addition to that the Unit will promote innovation and inclusivity, ensure that students have an opportunity to excel through the various programmes offered. The Unit has five sections as follows:

  • Humanities Access including the foundation and the augmented modules
  • Academic Monitoring and Support including mentorship programme
  • Writing Place

Access Programme

Humanities Access Programme, offered in the Teaching and Learning Unit is the first year of a four year (Extended Curriculum) Bachelor of Social Science degree (BSS4).

Mentorship Programme

The Mentorship Programme is a support structure that was created by the former Faculty of Humanities, Development and Social Sciences (Undergraduate)…

The Writing Place

The Writing Place (WP) is designated as an academic support service within the College of Humanities, Teaching and Learning Unit (T&L), that is tasked with improving the academic…