College of Humanities
Teaching and Learning Office

Mentorship & Academic Monitoring and Support Programme

The Mentorship Programme is a support structure that was created by the former Faculty of Humanities, Development and Social Sciences (Undergraduate) in order to assist the large number of first year students upon their arrival at the university from high school. The main objectives that the Programme seeks to achieve are the following:

1) Achievement of good academic performance and

2) Achievement of quick and successful socio-academic integration in the university environment.

In order to meet these objectives, for the first objective, the following mechanisms are in place, namely,

  1. One-on-one sessions (consultations)
  2. Group sessions (consultations)
  3. Saturday tutorial classes and
  4. Social and developmental programmes.

Whereas, the Academic Monitoring and Support Programme is a support structure that was created in the implementation of the Academic Monitoring and Exclusions Policy in 2009. This programme was created in order to deal with the increasing number of students that fall into the “At Risk” (academic) status. As the word suggests, we monitor and support these students as soon as they are in this category with the aim of getting them out of the “At Risk” status and back to the “Good” or “Satisfactory” academic status or the commonly known as the “Green” status. The programme is on the three sites of deliver, Howard College, Pietermartzburg and Edgewood. At Edgewood the Academic Monitoring and Support Programme, is otherwise known as the STAR programme