Teaching and Learning Unit Structure

The Teaching and Learning Unit structure is contained in the ogarnogram in figure 1. It consists of the DVC and Head of College; College Dean of Teaching and Learning; 6 Academic Leaders of Teaching have a dotted line to the College Dean; Director, Teaching and Learning reports to the College Dean, Teaching and learning; Coordinators of all the 5 sections of the Unit.

Table showing the number of staff members in the Teaching and Learning Unit

Unit Sections Staff Members
Director 1
Humanities Access 24
Academic Monitoring and Support including mentorship programme 113: 3 Coordinators, 3 administrators,  54 mentors, 47 Tutors, 6 specialist Tutors.
Writing Place 18
Language Centres 16
Multimedia Learning Centre 5
Teaching and Learning Unit Figure 1
Teaching & Learning Unit Figure 1.

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